Adult Soccer League Information


2017 Summer League Stats 

as of 8/27/17


Three awards this year:

Golden Boot (Top Goal Scorer)

Golden Gloves (Top Goalkeeper)

Golden Ball (Top Player in the League)


Summer 2017 Recreation Adult Soccer games will start on August 13th


Q. What is Hernando Adult Soccer all about? Q. How are teams formed?

A. The purpose is to provide an opportunity A. Players are registered individually and assigned randomly

for players to participate in a less competitive to teams by Parks staff. Players may only play on one team.

environment, regardless of skill level.  The  Consideration is given to a request to play with friend or

emphasis is on fun and recreation.  It is a more spouse but it is not guaranteed.   Request should be 

social atmosphere where players enjoy playing emailed to or included on

soccer. the registration form. 


Q. Who should play in this league? Q. Playing rules?

A. Players must be 18 years of age.   A. FIFA rules with the following modifications.

  • Beginning players No Goalkeeper contact
  • Players that have been away from the game No slide tackling
  • Players that don't care about wins/losses                 No punts/dropkicks are allowed by goalkeepers  
  • Players rehabbing an injury         Game balls provided by the home team
  • Coaches Games will start on time and the clock will run
  • Players that want to socialize Two 25-minute haves, with a 5 minute half time
  • Players that just want to enjoy playing soccer         Subs may be made by either team at referee's discretion


Q. What is the format of the league? Q. How do I register?

A. Format is as follows: A. Register at

  • 7 game season guaranteed, once per week at Hernando

Soccer Complex.  Q. What does it cost to play?

  • Monday and Wednesday evening game days              A. $65 per player in county/ $85 per player out of county.
  • 7 v 7 format      Includes sanctioning fees with MSA and USASA as well
  • 6.5ft x 18.5 ft goals      as a jersey and referee fees.
  • One official   

Important Dates & Announcements

2017 Summer League

Registration: May 17 - July 21

Players Meeting: July 25 @ 7 pm at Gale Center

Games start: August 14

Games end: September 17

Cost: $65 per player ($85 out of county)