Dog Park Rules
*Current vaccination tags required to use park.
*Users of this dog park so so at their own risk. Dog behavior can be unpredictable around other dogs and strangers.
*Dog owners and handlers are strictly liable for any damage or injury caused by their dogs.
*Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older. Children under 15 are NOT allowed in the park unless accompanied by an adult.
*Dogs must remain on leash until inside the designated fenced area.
*There is a small dog park and a common area for any size dog. Large dogs are NOT allowed in the small dog area. Small dogs are at owners discretion in the common area.
*Dogs must NOT be left unattended. Dogs must be in view and under the voice command of their handlers at ALL times.
*Dog handlers are required to clean and dispose of their dogs' waste.
*Dogs in heat and puppies under 4 months of age are NOT permitted in the dog park.
*Dogs that fight or exhibit aggressive behavior must be IMMEDIATELY removed from the park.
*No more than 2 dogs per handler are allowed at one time.
*No Smoking, No Food, and No Alcohol is allowed within the park.
*Professional dog trainers shall not use the park to conduct their business, unless working in conjunction with the City of Hernando.
*Failure to comply with posted rules is subject to expulsion, or arrest, as well as dog impound.